An Introduction to the Left Party

We believe that no serious and responsible opposition party in Hungary currently exists. The so-called left parties are in a continual cycle of decline. Our intention is to build a radical political movement: a credible opposition based upon democracy and social justice, incorporating modern Left ideas.
Hungarian society is full of apathy and despondency. We believe unequivocally that politics has to be based upon values of social solidarity and tolerance in order to combat this. A better world is possible, one which places people before profit.
We’re attempting to build a political party which is based on a firm and consistently ethical stance. We want to be an increasingly influential political force which aims to directly represent the interests of workers and which fights exploitation. To do this, we work towards the creation of a more equal and sustainable economic and social system.
The Left Party is a consistently democratic party of the left. We aim to base every decision on a wide consensus and we aim to challenge the prevailing dialogue of the neoliberal and extremist right-wing. We maintain a strong connection to trade unions and join the struggle for workers’ rights wherever it emerges. We pay attention to diversity: the Roma, Jews, the LGBT community and migrants. We believe that Hungary can be a home for all, regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexual preference or income! The Left Party believes in the freedom and equality of every individual as a condition for genuine solidarity.
We represent an international political movement. Our partners in Europe are those parties who are similar to us: SYRIZA (Greece), Die Linke (Germany) or Blocco (Portugal). We are a humanist, anticapitalist and green party. We welcome everyone who shares our democratic and social values. Most importantly, we want to turn these values into active resistance and creative forms of solidarity.
The Left Party was founded on 13th March, 2014. The Charter was approved by the 11 founders and Adam Galba-Deak has was elected as the President of The Left Party, with Mate Csokas as Vice president and Szilard Kalmar as vice president.
On 17th May 2014, the Court of Law officially approved The Left Party. From this point we look forward to participating in national, regional and European elections. On 8th June we held the first congress of the party and decided that we formally request observer status with the European Left.
We have a wide and strong relationships with different groups and individuals. Some founders of The Left Party have been working as editors of Workers’ News. The newspaper is independent – but, of course, it is our most important media partner.
Our members are involved in working and organizing a Self-Defence Movement. To provide help for those in need, we’ve been operating a soup kitchen and plan to extend our help in other areas where the social safety net is broken. We provide a social center in the 8th district of Budapest, which provides free internet and a refuge for those without fixed abode.


I. Interpretation
1. After the system collapse
The change of the system in 1989 gave citizens more political freedom, but social solidarity collapsed. The basic social security of the previous system was therefore traded for political and human rights. From 1990 onwards, people lost homes, workplaces and basic necessities. Now, almost half a million Hungarians have moved to other countries in hope of a better life – escaping from hopelessness and poverty.
The Hungarian so-called elite have stolen the accumulated wealth and property of the nation, and in the process the workers lost well-functioning agricultural co-operatives and factories. Continuing mistakes made by this ’elite’ have resulted in the ruin of industry and the efficient agriculture, which had previously been a source of national pride. These days, Hungarian produce cannot sustain the population of Hungary without significant imports.
In the last decades, every leader has made extravagant promises, but there has yet to be significant successes as a result of the existing political forces. The health system, education system and social system have all atrophied.
The left has moved closer to neo-liberalism after 1990. The neoliberal revolution has prevailed in Hungary, as it has in other countries. As in other countries, the left can renew itself through a separation from neo-liberal influences.
2. In the grip of the mafia state
The bankruptcy of the neo-liberal era has helped Fidesz establish a ’soft dictatorship’ whereby power is heavily concentrated in the hands of a few, powerful men; both politicians and businessmen. All economic power related to the state has been captured with the aim of establishing a regime unlimited by legal or political constraints; a regime aiming to hold power for decades to come.
The slow suffocation of Hungarian society can only be avoided by emancipation from both the neoliberal mindset and control by the Fidesz power clique – without which, the renewal of society, economy and ethics cannot be envisaged.

II. The escape from the crisis!
Today’s hopeless situation can be resolved, as long as there is a strong commitment to social justice and responsibility. We need a democratic path which prioritises justice, solidarity and human dignity.
1. The Left
The Left – an alliance of anticapitalist, antiglobalist movements. It is open to anyone who wants to struggle for a better and more just world. It aims to group together everyone who believes in international solidarity.
2. The Left – Not an extremist group!
The Left denounces violence in every form – except the right to self-defence. We define extremism as follows: political forces that respond with aggression and threats rather than civil dialogue. Some political parties aim for power without democratic control or redress.
The Left rejects the current trends in Hungarian society towards fascism and national socialism. We distance ourselves from Stalinism, bureaucratism and political systems which are largely based upon dictatorship. Most importantly, we distance ourselves from the capitalism which remains a cause of suffering and exploitation in the world.
3. The Left – 100% community
The consequences of the politics of social retreat ultimately lead to the politics of total capitulation. The prioritisation of profit over all else has become the greatest enemy of humanity; that which is needed for the basic needs of human existence become more expensive and inaccessible. We are all workers in a modern working class – who have been, are and will be workers in the future. In Hungary, we support every movement and every idea which aims to supplant exploitation and develop the welfare of all citizens. Our goal is to move the means of production from the private sector to the public sector, through co-operative forms which places the means of production into common ownership.
4. The Left – Social Hungary!
The only alternative to the current crisis of capitalism is the social republic. The high unemployment rate is needed by the globalised world order. Humankind and the Earth can be saved if we reject of exploitation of society and nature. Ultimately, capitalism is a wildly destructive force, whilst communism represents the chance to create a future without crisis.
We need a world which is not exploitative of humankind and nature, and which is therefore more secure and friendly to humans and environment. We need a Hungary which reflects these values.
We will present a true left programme for Hungary, one which is based upon social justice.
If the left returns to its roots we can regain those supporters who were born into poverty and those who are disadvantaged and discriminated against by the regime. We don’t work with those political groups who haven’t learnt from the failure of the previous system in 1989 and those who have failed to learn from the collapse of the Hungarian so-called left in 2010.
5. The Left Party – fighting for a Social Constitution
In the last few years, people have become increasingly defenceless. The rule of law, democracy and freedom of the press have been ruined by Fidesz domination and oligarchy!
We demand a social constitution which is accepted by the sovereign People of Hungary in a referendum. This is not simply based upon empty phrases, but it is based upon a social contract with wide-reaching implications for everyday life. The democratic rebuilding of the country is one of the most important tasks following the collapse of the Fidesz regime. We need a really strong democratic society and political structure to defend against authoritarian and fascist tendencies. A strong and democratic society is inclusive of all who reject dictatorship.
The gloomy outlook – the sense of having no future – requires political change which opens up a way for a more equitable and sustainable post-capitalist society. Let’s think and act together; with responsibility and solidarity.

Budapest, 8th June, 2014.

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